Sign Boards Department

Sign Boards Department:


All Kinds of direction sign boards either road side installed signs or overhead bridge mounted signs or overhead gantry mounted signs are one of organization and civilization in any country ,which gives a positive impression for its visitors ,in addition to be the first source for road users to know and determine their destinations for regions ,districts ,cities ,streets etc. Kuwait State didn’t save any of its efforts in this field, as all its visitors can find its easy to determine their destinations ,as Thank God ,we have participated in designing and achieving not less than 75% of the total installed sign boards in the state of Kuwait according to the standard specifications through different contracts with many country sectors specialized in this field

Overhead Bridge Mounted Signs

Overhead Gantries Mounted Signs

Permanent Traffic Signs


Traffic signs: Since the traffic on roads includes pedestrians, animals, vehicles, cars and other means of transportation.. there must have been a complete system works in organizing traffic control represented in the traffic boards and signs (informative, worning, regulatory) that are fixed tightly in roads to control the traffic and organize movements easily and smoothly, especially at crossroads, and traffic signals to avoid any traffic confusion as all traffic boards are a system universlly reconized by road users.

Temporary Traffic Signs

Signboards (Roadside)


Construction Projects Signs